The New Year is fast approaching and all over the country – and indeed the world – people are resolving to exercise more. Many will join gyms in the New Year and others will begin working out at home in earnest to improve their fitness. Unfortunately, these well intentioned promises that we make to ourselves at the end of every year are often soon forgotten and many of us will fall back into the habit of neglecting our bodies. We quickly learn that good intentions are meaningless unless they are followed by the will to act upon them. So how do you increase the chances that your New Year’s fitness resolution will be fulfilled this time? Here are some of our best strategies for keeping that all important fitness resolution.


  • Be clear about your goals: Whether you desire to lose weight, gain muscle, etc., write down your goals and keep track of them. By writing down your goals and designing a quantifiable way to measure your progress, you will be better able to develop a strategy for reaching those goals.
  • Keep a fitness journal: Keep track of your resolution by writing down what exercises you did, what meals were a success, and so on. This will help you to fine tune your fitness strategy to see what is and what is not
  • Set realistic goals: If yours is a fitness goal first determine where you are now and then determine where you want to be. After this, be realistic in how long it may take you to reach your goals. Start with small changes to your diet, exercise routine, etc. We have the best at home workout videos to help you progress at your own speed.
  • Find a workout buddy: Starting a new workout routine is easier when you have a friend or loved one to keep you motivated. The best at home workout videos can easily be shared with a spouse or even a child as the family gets into shape together.
  • Ask for help when needed: There is no shame in seeking the advice of professionals like Lacy Weston. If you hit a plateau and don’t know how to move forward, Lacy does offer private training to help guide you. He also has available for those who need inspiration his eBook “Transform Your Reality: Break Your Personal Chains.” Be sure to stay on the lookout for his new song dropping in the New Year!


In short, we all stumble from time to time when we are striving to reach our goals. However, if you have a well thought out plan to succeed then you can always increase the chance that you will meet and exceed your objectives.

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