Anyone who has worked out for more than a few seasons knows it can take more than a little motivation to continue exercising in the winter. After all, it is a fact that weather affects mood. This is why some people get seasonal affective order during the cold, dreary winter months. However, just because the weather has made a turn for the worse does not mean that your exercise routine should suffer as well. Excuses for not working out are just that – excuses. It does not matter when you decide to slack off. Slacking off is the mortal enemy to achieving your fitness goals. That said, we do anticipate that some of you may lose your mojo as a result of the dropping temperatures that are now affecting most of us. With that in mind, we offer you some of our recommendations on how to avoid those winter workout blues.

  • Set personal fitness goals: Whether it is adding an extra hour to your fitness routine, doing 100 push-ups in two minutes or running an extra mile during your jogs, set a personal record and achieve it in order to stay motivated.
  • Find a workout partner: Beat the winter blahs by selecting a workout partner to keep you company and help motivate you to exercise. A partner can help push you when needed and you can help drive your partner. Just be sure to choose someone with similar fitness goals.
  • Mix up your routine: Try a different set of exercises, changing your exercise playlist, choosing a new setting in which to work out, etc. Lacy’s videos contain a wide variety of at home exercises that can help you remain inspired to workout.
  • Increase your workout intensity: Increasing the difficulty level of your exercises can be a great motivator. Consider adding quick high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions to your workout routine or circuit training if you have never done so before.
  • Seek out new motivation: You’d be surprised by where you can find motivation to continue your workout routines. Some people find it in creating a new workout playlist. Other people find inspiration in various videos. As a three time Mr. Natural America and Mr. Natural Universe winter, Lacy knows about how to stay driven to achieve your personal goals and fitness goals. This is why he has created the best at home workout

In short, by overcoming the winter fitness blahs you will put yourself one step ahead of those people who have decided to hibernate their way through the season. You will also put yourself on track to achieving the summer or spring body you desire. Let Lacy help you remain inspired with his tapes and his motivational speeches.

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