Lacy Weston: Biography

Lacy Weston is one of the more accomplished fitness professionals in the world, as he has won numerous world-natural bodybuilding accolades and established his own training and fitness center: Private Fitness by Lacy Weston. Focused on outlining plans for individuals’ long-term health, education about the body, and various grounding techniques, Lacy utilizes over 4 decades of experience as a professional fitness trainer in order for people—including some of Hollywood’s leading personalities—to establish a connection with all that seek after his support, transform their life, and set them on their chosen path.


Lacy Weston: Youth


Having always been fascinated with the human body and how it works, Lacy was introduced into the world of bodybuilding and attended his first show at the age of 13 years old. In that exact moment, he was irrevocably inspired to become a world champion bodybuilder, but with one caveat: he would not use steroids.
It was during his early teenage years that Lacy cultivated the determination to accomplish his goals and likewise be the conduit to inspire and guide others to attain their health and fitness objectives.


Lacy Weston: The Mission


Throughout Lacy’s ascent within the bodybuilding and fitness sphere, which included becoming an NASM certified trainer, he had an epiphany: Although the majority of health clubs and gyms offered a comfortable facility, state-of-the-art equipment, and a great sales staff, many appeared to lack trainers that were wholeheartedly committed or capable of inspiring their clients to greater heights. During his time working with and managing various health clubs, Lacy knew that the time had arrived to begin his own journey and travel down his own path which culminated in the conception of Private Fitness by Lacy Weston. It is at this health center that he has been able to augment his natural abilities of connecting with people and combine that with his incalculable experience of fitness principles and techniques.


Accomplishments and Certifications:



Three-time Mr. Natural America
Mr. Natural Universe
ABA, PNBA, INBA Champion (also judge and mentor)
Founder of Private Fitness by Lacy Weston (La Canada, CA)
NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Trainer


Media Engagements:


Lacy Weston is steadily rising in prominence within the health and fitness sphere. As the featured star of the fitness video segment One-Minute Workout with Lacy Weston, he was given 60 seconds to offer a listening audience sound fitness advice that they could use immediately. He has also hosted the television series Morning Workout Club in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, as well as conducted live guest appearances as a correspondent on NBC 4 News Los Angeles for various fitness segments.
Additionally, Lacy has been highlighted in articles for both SELF Magazine and IronMan Magazine and will be continually active in the media.


Consumer Fitness: DVD Series


• Lacy Weston’s 10-Minute Abs

• 15 Minute Total Body Workout
• Defined, Chiseled, and Greater than Ever (for men)
• Firmer, Leaner, and Greater than Ever (for women)
• Fitter, Firmer, Sexier, and Greater than Ever (for women after pregnancy or new mothers)


Previous Keynote Speaker Venues


• Transform Your Reality TEDx

• AT&T: Total Women’s Conference in Los Angeles, CA
• Evelyn Faye Nutrition Stores in Melbourne, Australia
• Fitness First Clubs in Melbourne, Australia
• Jefferson High School in Los Angeles, CA
• Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centers in Los Angeles County
• La Canada High School in La Canada, CA
• MARS/M&M, Inc. in Rancho Dominguez, CA
• Marshall Industries in Rosemead, CA