Journey and Mission

Our Commitment

“If you want the spirit of who you are to thrive enabling you to happily succeed in other areas of your life, it’s important to recognize what is blocking you from your Transformation may have little to do with food, time and responsibilities.”
                                                                                                                          -Lacy Weston


Our commitment is simple and has been the same for over twenty-five years: Turn no one away and help all that we can. If you have a specific need that is within the scope of our abilities, we will offer you our best care and attention. In the event that your needs require outside assistance, we will provide the best advice possible for that support.

Don’t Give Up!


If you have a goal, we have a plan. If you have a need, we have a mission. If you have a concern, we have the relief. I chose not to use steroids because I believed in myself…I believe in you, too.

“Its easy to let life, health and appearance fall between the cracks until a decision is made to Transform and Become!”


Lacy Weston: The Transformation

The path to Lacy’s transformation began 13 years after his retirement from the competition circuit of bodybuilding. After he left competitive natural bodybuilding, Lacy was content with his life as a personal trainer, but something was missing for him. Compelled by the dream to become Mr. America, Mr. Natural America, and Mr. Natural Universe, Lacy felt that it was his mission to enter back into natural bodybuilding. As he prepared his body, mind, and life for the upcoming competitions, he received a surprising amount of backlash from individuals who deemed it impossible for him to win any type of bodybuilding contest due to his age (35 years old at that time). They felt that he had a good life and should be satisfied with how things were.

But Lacy had a strong conviction to stay true to his nature and continue down his path of transformation. In doing so, he proved to himself that, with the correct frame of mind combined with the correct transformative tools, you are able to accomplish great things. Lacy did win the Mr. Natural America competition three times in a row, as well as Mr. Natural Universe twice, and recognized that fulfilling his dream was a true transformation—of mind, body, and soul.

During the journey down his path, Lacy has witnessed copious amounts of people from each part of the world who have exclaimed that they had tried everything under the sun to change their bodies, but have fallen short of their fitness goals. He noticed the magnitude of diet plans, fitness equipment infomercials, health club promotions, fitness magazines, and various health-related television programs that have all aimed at being “the one” to solve everyone’s fitness problems and knew that too many would ultimately be unsuccessful due to an approach to the next sale or member sign-up, rather than the individual’s transformative success.

The erroneous methodology that the majority uses is focusing on one aspect (body) to change one’s life. On the contrary, Lacy has experienced that a true transformation of the body requires a fresher, more informed and grounded mindset in order to fully transform your overall health, body, and mind.

Encompassing all of Lacy’s experiences and fitness knowledge, he has developed revolutionary health and fitness programs under the “Transform with Lacy Weston” designation to help anyone learn how to ground themselves and become ready to truly transform their life—starting now!