How’s your mental clarity?

Check yours with the Transform Your Reality mind game.

You can do this exercise anywhere with a friend or alone.  No need to find a calm quiet place to try this because the world is not calm and quiet.   First, read the steps completely before you perform the steps.  During this exercise you must use your mind and never get out of the seat you’ve chosen.
  1. Close your eyes and imagine sitting alone anywhere you want in a theater with a stage.
  2. Using your imagination open the stage curtains completely and imagine a spotlight shining on the middle of the stage floor
  3. Now, place a sky blue colored number 5 on the stage floor in the spotlight with your imagination.
  4. Make the number 5 spin counter clockwise nonstop  for 20 seconds then stop.
  5. Make the number 5 rise above the stage and float on air and keep it still for 20 seconds
  6. Make the number 5 lay down on the stage with no movement for 20 seconds.
  7. Make the number 5 stand still on the stage for 20 seconds.
  8. Turn off the spotlight.
  9. Close the curtains.
  10. Open your eyes

If you were able to do this exercise and perform steps 2-7 easily CONGRATULATIONS!  You’re able to put yourself in a place of clarity faster than many.  If you had difficulty staying focused and in the moment, or could not do the steps with ease I urge you to let Transform Your Reality help you.  It’s just 71 pages and an easy to read.  A true life story that probably relates to you in more ways than one combined with the steps to transform your reality so you can break your personal chains, live with better clarity and thrive beyond today.

Reading Lacy’s story will help you reflect on your life and the information and steps in the book will help you Transform Your Reality.  Here’s one step.