Many people who are well on the road to building a leaner, healthier body end up sabotaging themselves eventually. How do they do this? They do this by consuming junk-food which is a dieter’s worst enemy. Worst still is the fact that many people lack the energy to even begin a regular exercise regime. Part of this is due to our addiction to food that has little nutritional value. So how do you wean yourself off these empty calories and begin to embrace more nutritious foods? Here are 5 simple ways to prevent unhealthy food and sugar cravings.

  • Eat enough protein: Healthy proteins such as fish, beans, vegetables and nuts make you feel fuller. Carbs, on the other hand, do not make you feel as full. Eating more protein will make you feel less hungry and desire junk food less.
  • Decrease your salt, fat, and sugar intake: Processed foods contain an abundance of these ingredients. To satisfy your salt cravings, use strong spices like garlic, pepper and oregano. To reduce your fat intake, broil foods instead of baking them or using oil.
  • Replace sugary drinks with teas, fruit infused water, and plain water: We all know it is wise to increase our intake of fluids in the summer. However, it is best to avoid sodas and sugary drinks and to instead use teas, plain water etc., to hydrate. Fruit infused water can satisfy your cravings for a sweet drink and give you fewer calories than soda, juices, etc.
  • Be a label reader: You would be surprised at the amount of sugars, salt and fat that some foods that claim to be good for you contain. Processed foods often contain preservatives, like BHT, thickeners like guar gum, or artificial flavors. Read food labels to become aware of what your shopping purchases really contain.
  • Don’t go to the supermarket hungry: Eat a satisfying meal before you go to the store. This way you will be less likely to impulse buy based on food cravings. Supermarkets are designed with all kinds of tricks to make you spend more.junk food

There are many other ways to gradually decrease your dependence on junk foods such as chewing gum to quash cravings and drinking more water. Doing so will help your private at home fitness training tremendously. Foods such as soft drinks, desserts, sweets, fast food, alcoholic beverages, salted snacks, etc, have no place in a well-thought out, complete fitness routine. We have workouts to do at home to build muscle that, along with a proper diet, will make you look good and feel even better.

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