College students face a great many challenges that go beyond merely keeping up with their classes. They must often attempt to balance friends with family and attend social activities as well. Moreover, these challenges also include hauling books and other equipment back and forward across campus on a daily basis. Thus, college students are often pushed to their physical limits in pursuit of higher education. However, by exercising regularly and eating right, both freshmen and older college students can stay fit. Here are some tips:

  • Sign up for an intramural sport: One way to stay in shape and bond with other students while you are in college is to participate in intramural sports. Many colleges offer a wide range of sports and experts who can help students remain engaged and in shape.
  • Watch your diet: A college student’s diet is almost synonymous with the eating of unhealthy food like pizza, noodles, potato chips, etc. Worst still, many college students in a rush to get to classes in time skip meals altogether. In addition to eating fruits and veggies, we suggest college students stay hydrated, control portion sizes, limit their junk food intake and take vitamins.
  • Embrace the dorm workout: Busy college students often find it nearly impossible to travel back and forward from a campus to a gym. Additionally, some college students find it difficult to pay the membership fees involved in maintaining a gym membership while they are in school. If this applies to you, fear not. Our at home workout videos will keep you engaged and in shape in the comfort of your own dorm.
  • Get enough sleep: Inadequate sleep can lead to higher blood pressure, lack of energy and it can lead to many other deleterious health effects as well. Get seven to eight hours of sleep even it if means forgoing some social activities and commitments. Remain well rested and you will not only be healthier, you will also be a better student.
  • Walk the campus: Walk instead of taking cross-campus shuttles, climb steps instead of using escalators or elevators, etc. Utilize opportunities such as these to help you burn calories and stay in work out

By the time a person reaches college physical activities are usually not pushed on them by parents and administrators as they agree in high school. People are adults at this point in their lives are pretty much expected to make wise choices on their own. Selecting our workouts to do at home to build muscle can be one of those wise choices whether you are a Millennial or an older college student.