“You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again.” — Benjamin Franklin

One of the sad realities of life is that as some people become busier with their lives they often begin to neglect their workout routines. Unfortunately, these people operate on the assumption that health is secondary to other goals in life. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Health should always be the primary concern in life. A fit body can help people make it through their day of chores, work and play. Moreover, many people who are very busy in their lives still continue to find the time to work out. So the “I’m too busy to workout” excuse it just that – an excuse. This is one of the reasons we developed our workouts to do at home to build muscle. Our videos help our clients save the time and effort it takes to go to the gym. Our best at home workout is efficient and progressive. Here are some other ways to get around the “I’m too busy” excuse for skipping workouts.


  • Set your priorities: How long have been wanting to lose weight or gain muscle or both? Months? Years? Go over your schedule of activities and ask yourself where your physical fitness lies on it.
  • Work smarter not necessarily harder: Consider high-intensity training, bodyweight exercises, running, etc., until you find a routine that is both effective and saves time. Working out harder is of no use if the exercises aren’t efficient and specially designed for your situation.
  • Make a schedule: Sit down and look at your daily routine. Determine if you are making efficient use of your time. Any wasted time you have during the day can be put towards working out.
  • Commit to your schedule: A workout schedule is no good – nor is any other kind of schedule – if you don’t commit to it. Remind yourself of your goals when you feel yourself slacking off.
  • Work Out in the Morning: By working out in the morning you will avoid dealing with the fatigue that sets in by the end of the day. You will also have more energy to face your daily routine.
  • Be flexible: If you are really busy one day, then plan to move your routine around to accommodate your schedule. Also consider backloading and frontloading your workouts.


Finally, you would be surprised to find out how much time you can find for your workouts once you begin to assign to it the same importance that you do other things in life. As stated, a fit body can help make life easier in many different ways. It can help your performance in all of life’s activities. So cast away the “I’m too busy” excuse for skipping workouts and get into shape today.

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