Transform Your Reality – Audiobook


If you want to be better within yourself or better at anything you desire, then stop and ask yourself this question: Am I connected or disconnected?

From the age of four to 16, Lacy endured tortuous beatings that would make one’s skin crawl, but he vowed to not break. Lacy realized his future, hopes, and dreams would never come if he settled. Instead, he combined the powerful elements of Transform Your Reality that saved and transformed his life to become world champion.

In Transform Your Reality, Lacy Weston offers you the steps you need to become your best self. After all, if you want to transcend the chaos and win, you must transform your reality.

©2019 Lacy Weston (P)2019 Lacy Weston



  1. Open
  2. Introduction
  3. How Transform Your Reality Got Started.
  4. The Journey Begins.
  5. Acknowledgement and Support Goes a Long Way.
  6. Overcoming Pain Can Be Difficult, But Your Journey Depends On It.
  7. Realizing When Clarity and Success is Upon You.
  8. Personal Assessments Link You to Your Reality.
  9. Following Your Heart and Intuition Can be Very Rewarding.
  10. Learn to Recognize When You are Succeeding and Enjoy the Ride.
  11. Advice is Good and Helpful, But Listening to What and How You Feel is Great.
  12. To Relent at Times May Be The Road to Achievement and Growth.
  13. Determination and Belief in Oneself is a Lifelong Foundation.
  14. The Brain
  15. The Negative Self Talk in Your Head
  16. Self Exploration and Image.
  17. Facing the Mirror.
  18. Your Inner Being.
  19. Meditation.
  20. Behavior, Attitude and Mood with TYR.
  21. The Brain, Part 2.
  22. Your Fitness Integrity.
  23. Close