The Lacy Weston Transform Your Reality Awards


Do you have an inspiring story that you would like to send to us?  If we select your story we will post your story on our website for one week as the Lacy Weston Transform Your Reality Award feature of that week.  There are no monetary awards or prize awards. What you are awarded is one week of being featured on our website. All parties awarded placement on our website for their selected video story will have placement on our website for an entire week as the selected story for that week.  If you believe you have an inspiring story that you can share with us please read the instructions and disclaimer below.

You have 45 seconds to tell us YOUR LIFE’S STORY and your time begins the moment you begin telling us Your Life’s Story..  Tell us any aspects of your life’s journey, whether it’s good, bad or wonderful that influenced, changed or inspired you to live or strive to live a better life.  We want to hear about your past, present and hopes or plans for your future. Begin YOUR STORY as early in life as you want but YOUR STORY must include the following 4 components:


1. YOUR STORY must have a past, present and projected future.
2. YOUR STORY must be organized, clear and easy to understand.
3. YOUR STORY must include a turning point when, why, what or how you transformed your reality and you have to use the words, “transform my reality,” but you can use those three words in the following the examples:  transform my reality, transformed my reality or transforming my reality.
4. YOUR STORY must be inspiring.

NOTE: Submitting content for our site does not guarantee that it will be used.  For best results, be professional & thorough. Our editorial team will review your submission to determine if it will be used, however, due to the number of submissions we receive on a daily basis, we must be selective of what we use and cannot reply to every email confirming receipt, use, or give feedback.  All submissions are subject to approval.
Thank you Lacy.