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Realizing when clarity and success is upon you.

Advice is good and helpful but listening to what and how you feel is great!  To relent at times may be the road to achievement and growth.  Determination and belief in one’s self is a life long foundation.  Remember, when aspects of your life are out of balance, transform your reality”
-Lacy Weston, Transform Your Reality.


I truly enjoyed reading this book. Transform Your Reality helped me deal with the challenges that I have been having in my life recently. It made me realize that I can overcome those challenges and brought peace to me and my life. I am so glad that transform your reality was recommended to me and I highly recommend it to everyone else.
-Maryam, business owner

Great book , very inspirational.
-Dave, business owner

Sometimes reading about others experiences helps you realize that you are not alone in your struggles. You can overcome anything!
-Carla, Architect

A great book and a very inspirational story about overcoming tremendous obstacles and succeeding beyond your wildest dreams. This book should be mandatory reading for all students everywhere, whether still in school or for those of us who will continue to be lifelong students of the skills and mindset necessary to overcome obstacles, improve our life and achieve our goals. Highly recommended.
-Buzz, Writer

Great book and inspirational!
Annette C, Manager

I just finished reading TYR. What a great book. I already knew a little about the author’s background but this helped me understand more about him and hopefully opens the door to learn more about myself. Very easy to read and has simple worksheets to help you with personal reflections and goal setting. Highly recommend.
-Brian P, CEO

The way we act, think, live, love, see and treat others is a great reflection of our current reality.  The moment we let our position in life, whether it be of public approval or not, dictate our perception of ourselves that's when we are far disconnected from our reality.  If you got caught stealing yesterday and found to be a thief, remember,  that happened yesterday.  If you are willing and have the mental capacity to Transform Your Reality beyond that reality you will not be a thief tomorrow, nor will your life succumb to all that's associated with being a thief.  Sure, the public may not forgive you and forget so quickly but the public doesn't live in your head.  You do!  I remember as a teenager when I had a great winning streak in bodybuilding and felt no one could beat me.  It's when I got beat that I sat still and found myself. That's when I started winning with myself and life and when I became pro.  When I won the Mr. Natural Universe I said thank you and left the stage with grace and humility.  Of course, grace and humility are just a couple of the healthy ingredients needed today but they are powerful ingredients along with a few other ingredients you'll find in my new song and book Transform Your Reality.

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